Dieng, Where Nature And Culture Coexist In Perfect Harmony. Join Us On A Journey To A Place Where The Ancient Volcanic Landscape Blends Seamlessly With Vibrant Traditions. Discover A World Where People And Nature Live In Perfect Balance.

Geopark Dieng as a noble, sustainable, and global tourism destination.

We believe that dieng geopark combines stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and sustainable practices. Explore breathtaking landscapes, experience vibrant culture, and see yourself why Geoprak Dieng is renowned worldwide.

It’s where sustainability and heritage come together, making it a truly special place to visit.


The meaning of the word “Plataran” itself in the Indonesian Language, signifies a courtyard; a leveled piece of land; or a veranda. This meaning symbolizes a inhabited plateau, where the Dieng Plateau stands as the highest inhabited plateau on Java Island, formed through volcanic processes.


“Kahyangan” to divinity; a place of gods that represents a sacred and elevated space. It reflects the local belief that Dieng is a place where deities reside, a heritage passed down through generations.


The term “Nusantara” is employed here because Dieng serves as a living laboratory of the oldest Hindu civilization in Central Java. This fact is substantiated by the existence of temples in Dieng.